Health Guarantee

This animal to the best of my knowledge is completely healthy. If the animal requires veterinarian treatment for an illness during the first 72 hours after purchase it may be returned for a refund or exchange. A written and detailed report from the attending veterinarian must be provided that proves conclusively a pre-existing illness is present in the animal. This guarantee is void in the event of an indeterminable or inconclusive diagnosis. The seller must be notified by the buyer of intent towards refund or exchange during the 72 hour guarantee. The veterinarian report must be received by the seller before a refund or exchange will be made. All veterinarian fees will be paid by the buyer. This guarantee does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, improper food, chemicals or physical injury. This guarantee does not extend beyond the 72 hours for any reason or condition. In the event that this animal is diagnosed with a life threatening congenital defect during one year from the date of purchase the refund/exchange policy mentioned above will apply. Adequate documentation from the attending veterinarian must be received by the seller within eight days from the diagnosis. The health guarantee does not cover cosmetic or dental procedures.